How Our Culture and Society Interlinked with One Another

How Our Culture and Society Connected To One Another

What is culture? The culture is the way of life. Culture is the general customs and beliefs of a particular group of people at a particular time. What is society? Society a number of individuals involved in continuous social interaction. Also, society is a large group of people sharing the same social territory. Basically, subject to the same political authority and the same culture.

The relationship between culture and society are co-existent, one does not or cannot exist without the other. Although, culture and society may have some common elements the two are not the same. The vital difference is that society composed of people while the aspects of culture consist of knowledge, ideas, customs, traditions, folkways. As well as mores, beliefs, skills, institutions, organizations, and artifacts. An example of culture can be seen everywhere such as the way people dress up, how the offices are designed.

The objective of the society is to allow people with an enhanced quality of life. That is necessarily superior to that which they would achieve without society. On the other hand, culture is a combination of the values that guide the organization, the habits, and the people live. These give life to the purpose.

To compare the two, society unites the social framework through influence while culture shapes the social framework through pressure. Culture represents the rule that guides the way people live. While society represents a structure that provides the way people organize themselves.


The way how people greet in different countries followed the different cultural trait. For example, in the US people used to shake hands when they meet someone, people in India join their hands. While in Japan and China people bow down from the waist. On the other country like Belgium kiss on one cheek is a way to greet someone irrespective of the gender. This is the way the culture of one society differs from that of another. To say that culture is different from society is true in a different way.

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